Before I got pregnant, I always believed that I would wait until my baby was born to buy anything baby related…including a crib or a dresser. Little did I know that I would start nesting and before I knew it, I had a room full of 5 pieces of expensive furniture, a carpet, 3 painted walls and an accent wall with wallpaper! The best part…I had no idea what I was having, but believed I was having a boy based on a feeling so I painted the walls Paladian Blue by Benjamin Moore!

So when I got pregnant the second time, my husband and those who knew me assumed that I would do it all over again, the only problem was that this pregnancy I didn’t have as strong of a feeling about the gender…or did I?! What I did feel strongly about was the fact that if I did happen to have a girl, she was going to get a girlie room…so I waited. I didn’t buy a single thing until after she was born.

While I absolutely love my son’s room, I decided that this time I didn’t want to buy expensive furniture so I was on a mission to get the furniture that I needed at a reasonable price. I started with the crib. After looking in many stores and online, I waited until I found a crib that I felt would work in any room with clean lines. I went for a modern crib that I found on sale at Lil Niblets for $114. Perfect!

8h1mu7kgKH_XbDORttLuD5ApExOdUKwzzu1oOFA88LI,rh3-8DXetUmW9yKBY8u2oQFEmH4pcLEy6NeNWl8Fx8g  Pink and White striped Wall  Pink and Gold Nursery  Pink and White Nursery













Next I needed a dresser that I would also be able to use as a change table. I needed big and small drawers that would allow me to put both clothes and diapers in, so I went to Ikea. The Hemnes dresser was the perfect match for what I needed and I purchased it in white for $299. This dresser also has clean lines and worked with the crib.

Dresser in a pink and white Nursery

While I didn’t have a complete vision of what the room was going to look like, I knew that I wanted a great carpet, not just a plain carpet like I had in my son’s room but something with a pattern. I toyed with the idea of chevron for a while but was unable to find one that I loved. So I headed to FLOR to create a carpet of my own using carpet tiles. What appealed to me was that this would be a carpet that would last a long time as you can replace tiles as they get dirty. I asked for pink and they showed me a variety of choices, which I could mix and match. In the end, I chose to stick with one pattern called Lasting Grateness that is made up of a variety of patterns in an off white and hot pink (pink/bone)! We put them down randomly as they do not make any specific pattern. This carpet is loud and beautiful and quickly became the statement piece in the room.

Pink, White and Gold Nursery

So now the basics were done…what to put on the walls? A wonderful friend of my family contacted me just after my daughter was born to tell me that she wanted to gift us a piece of art for her room. This piece of art deserves a post of its own, so stay tuned!

Now that the big items were purchased at the reasonable prices I was looking for, it was time to contact a good friend, Alana Firestone Interiors to help me pull the room together and achieve the look I was going for. She came over to see the room with a bold and beautiful plan to make this room stunning. First were the walls…she suggested we go white on 3 of the walls and then paint bold pink stripes on the wall behind the crib. Alana and a wonderful painter ensured that the stripe would be the exact colour of the carpet and determined how many stripes there should be in total. I was worried that there would be too much going on with the crazy carpet and stripes, but she proved me wrong, it was the perfect complement!

Pink and White Wall

The shelves were a DIY project that Alana took on. She purchased shelves at Ikea and spray painted the arms of the shelves gold which became the accent colour in the room. She decided to put up 3 shelves directly on top of one another and filled them to perfection! All items on the shelves were purchased at Homesense to stay on budget!

Pink and Gold Nursery Shelves Pink and Gold Nursery Shelves










On the opposite wall, another DIY! She painted a mirror also found at Homesense with the white paint from the walls and gold. I used the glider that we purchased for my son’s room two years ago, click here to see a similar glider, and Alana threw an ivory on ivory polka dot pillow on it to give it a feminine feel. Alana changed the look of the dresser by turning the knobs gold to fit the room.

 Pink, White and Gold Nursery White and Gold Mirror White Dresser with Gold Knobs










Alana had a clear vision for this room and while I had a harder time visualizing it, she assured me that bold was the way to go and that it would be beautiful. She was the perfect choice to help me create this room! She was accessible at all times and worked around the clock to ensure that every item in the room was the perfect fit. Thank you Alana Firestone Interiors!

My daughter now has a dream room! It is the nicest room in the house and is made for a princess!