Having something meaningful on the wall in Addison’s room was a must. Something mass-produced that I was going to buy in a store just wasn’t going to cut it for this special little lady. Addison arrived on such a special day…Mother’s day! A good friend of mine and very talented artist, Hilary Lipkin, created a piece of art just for Addison. The art was made before the room was designed which allowed us to ensure that it would be big enough to be a focus in the room. It started as a discussion about what it was going to look like. The canvas would be large, 3 feet by 4 feet, it would have floating wood hearts, mostly white with a few pink hearts thrown in. Each heart would be carved out of wood by hand and then painted and worked in again to let the beauty of the natural wood shine through. But floating hearts didn’t provide us with enough meaning. We both wanted a piece that was made for Addison and that was meant for her. That’s when Hilary came up with the idea of incorporating her birthday into the art. Three rows of hearts on a whitewashed canvas totalling 30 hearts.

11 hearts

5 hearts

14 hearts

The 11th day of May in 2014. The day Addison entered our lives.

Hilary incorporated her signature into the art on gold, the accent colour in Addison's room.

Hilary incorporated her signature into the art on gold, the accent colour in Addison’s room.


I love the way the art reflects in the elongated mirror in the room.



Such a beautiful understated piece of art that looks like a beautiful picture of hearts for a little girl, but to those who know the story behind the art, it is a beautiful canvas of hearts that were each placed with love for Addison. A gift straight from the heart from a very special friend and talented artist <3


To view Hilary’s blog, click here.


Photography by Danielle Perelman Photography