We had quite the night at my house last night! Last night was the first night my children and I were back in our own beds after a two month “vacation” away from the winter. I had the opportunity to take my kids out of this horrible winter so that they could enjoy the sun and avoid some of the sickness that is unavoidable in winter. More on our trip in a later post…

So, it turns out that my children knew we were coming home to this cold cold weather and decided to get a jump start on being sick! As we pulled into the airport to head back to reality, my son spiked a fever…obviously! Whenever he gets slightly sick, he ends up with a fever so we are fairly used to this and are on top of administering Advil and Tylenol to keep the fever under control. At the age of 10 months, he had his first febrile seizure on airplane on the way home Jamaica. While the Advil and Tylenol do not stop a febrile seizure, he gets lethargic with a fever and the meds help him feel better. I also love our touch less thermometer. While I can typically tell when he has a fever just by touching him, I like to know that I have thermometer that reads his temperature quickly and accurately.  The febrile seizure was quite scary to say the least! While it looks like he has grown out of his febrile seizures, last night we experienced something new!


My happy boy during take off!


My very rambunctious almost 3 year old (as of next week…where does the time go?) decided at 6:45pm that he was too tired and too sick to stay awake, so he went upstairs and essentially put himself to bed. This is not something that ever happens in my house…especially not after sleeping in the same room as me for the last 2 months! That all seemed to happen a bit too easily….so when I heard him at midnight, I wasn’t surprised. I gave him a dose of Advil as he had a raging fever again and put him back into bed. He lay down quietly for a while and then started crying again, so my husband went upstairs to lie with him. This was anticipated. Not much surprises me when it comes to my kids, but what happened next did! While my husband was upstairs trying to get him back to bed, my son was having none of it. He kept screaming and crying so I went up to see what was going on. That’s when my husband told me that my son didn’t want to go to bed because he said there were bugs in his room. I assumed that he just didn’t want to go to sleep and tried to get into bed with him thinking nothing of it. He refused to lie down and then started pointing at what he said were bugs on his pillow, but I didn’t see anything. I kept telling him there were no bugs and to lie down on me since he was too afraid to lie on his pillow. He lay down for a few minutes and then started pointing at the door telling me to make the squirrels go away. While I tried to tell him there were no squirrels he was quite adamant that there were two squirrels playing at the door and he wanted them to go away. The next thing I knew, he was jumping out of bed terrified that there was a man and squirrels and a snake in his bed and had no interest in sleeping in his room! While sleeping in our bed is not something I encourage, I brought him into my room…little did I know that the squirrels were in there too! It didn’t take long to figure out that my son was hallucinating from the fever. He was lying in my bed raising his legs to try and get away from the bugs. He was constantly jumping up trying to dodge the squirrels. He was terrified. This is something I have never experienced before and to be honest, it was not something that I knew about until now. What I can tell you is that it was quite frightening for all involved. I felt terrible for my son and it was so tough to see him so scared without being able to do much to stop it.


The bravest kid I know!

What I do know is that they are not dangerous and they subside when the temperature of the fever lowers so the only thing to do is give Advil/Tylenol, a cold compress and/or a luke warm bath. Other than that, I made sure he felt safe as the hallucinations were quite scary for him.


Wish my ray of sunshine a quick recovery!

Fingers crossed we have a hallucination-free night tonight so that we can all get some rest!

What a welcome home! There’s never a dull moment!

See the FAQ section with Dr. Marla Shapiro to read more about hallucinations with a fever.

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