I have a confession to make. I am a shoe-aholic. I have more shoes and boots than I know what to do with and my husband keeps telling me to stop buying them because I have nowhere to put them! So I shifted my obsession to smaller feet which means smaller shoes!  Which also means they are easier to find room for;) With Jonah, I started young. He had more shoes than I knew what to do with. A shoe for every occasion! So of course when Addison was born, I started thinking about all the shoes that I would get to buy her! In just a few short weeks, I had managed to accumulate a huge variety of shoes!

Between hand-me-downs, gifts and the shoes I couldn’t help but buy, Addison’s shoe collection grew quite fast!

DSC_0189     DSC_0192

DSC_0193     DSC_0194

Amongst those shoes, were a pair or rose gold Freshly Picked Moccasins.


They quickly became my go-to shoes with a pair of leggings or a fancy dress.


Here are a few reasons why I love them!

  1. They stay on!

I love baby shoes enough to be bothered to put the shoes back on every time they fall off, but not everyone can say the same. I can’t tell you how many times I have been walking with my daughter in my Baby K’tan sling, and a stranger comes running after me with one of Addi’s shoes in hand. How embarrassing! Freshly Picked Moccassins are designed with an elastic around the ankle that ensures that they stay on. So while these shoes are pricey at $60 a pair, you can be rest assured that you will return home at the end of the day with both shoes!

  1. They are comfortable!

No, I am not the one wearing them, but even though they are elasticized, they leave no marks on my daughters feet! They have just the right amount of tightness that keeps them secure, but doesn’t dig into her cute pudgy little ankles. Not to mention that the leather is amazingly soft!

  1. The size chart is accurate!

$60 isn’t pocket change, so I will admit that before I fell in love with my Freshly Picked Moccassins, I tried another shops moccassins in an effort to save money. I thought, if other shops sell them for cheaper, how different could they be? They are all made out of leather, so what’s the big deal? The moccasins I ordered were nothing like the Freshly Picked Moccasins and I was hugely disappointed. In the end, I threw my money away because they were non-refundable and although I followed the size chart, they arrived much too wide and too large. Huge moccassin fail! Lesson learned! Trying to cut corners never ends up working out! Freshly Picked Crib Moccs are meant for infants from 0 to 3-5 months. Their moccasins are made for infants and toddlers and come in sizes 1-10. Make sure you follow the size chart provided on the Freshly Picked website which can be found here and/or below. I followed the size chart and Addison’s moccasins fit perfectly. Phew!


Size chart from freshlypicked.com

  1. The selection is endless!

I decided that if I was going to get a pair of $60 tiny shoes, I was going to make sure that they were very special! I spent lots of time combing the site waiting for the perfect pair to jump out at me, and there they were! I selected Merci which go with everything!


Each pair of moccasins come in a Freshly Picked bag and the bottom of the moc is stamped with the FP.



I love them! There is nothing she can’t wear them with and that makes me happy! There are so many colours to choose from and just when you think they couldn’t possibly add another colour, they come out with a whole new collection! Check out the new spring options here.

Bottom line, I couldn’t be happier with these moccassins. If you see me, I can guarantee you that you will also see Addison in tow with her moccs on…the only thing I can’t guarantee is that they will be Merci because something tells me the shoe-aholic in me will be adding more to her collection soon!


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