Finally! A product that I have been dreaming about is on the market!! Have you heard of SipSnap? Well I came across this fabulous product and I couldn’t be happier about it!! This products is the answer to all of my problems (well sippy cup problems that is!) I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a restaurant or a friends house with my kids and have not had a sippy cup on hand. When my son was younger and hadn’t mastered how to use a straw, I was in big trouble when I left his cup at home. That’s when I started dreaming about this product! SipSnap is a spill-proof kids drinking lid. What does that mean? Essentially it is a silicone lid that you can stretch over any cup without handles. Simply remove from the box, unfold the lid, stretch to desired size and place over any cup.  It’s really that simple! The silicone creates a seal on the top of the cup which prevents the contents from spilling. Another great feature is the roll at the bottom of the lid that prevents the cup from rolling off the table. When you are done, remove and throw in the dishwasher! The two brilliant ladies that designed these literally thought of everything!


I have been using SipSnaps for a few weeks now and as expected I am in L-O-V-E! I initially started using them for my daughter, who is one year old. As a mom of two, I am learning very quickly that as my daughter gets older and more aware, she is only interested in what my son has. So instead of playing with Lamaze toys or her Sophie, she wants to play with binoculars or a soccer ball. Meal time is no different. Since her big brother drinks out of a ‘big boy’ cup, she no longer wants to use her sippy cup. She spends mealtimes, whether at a restaurant or at home, reaching for his cup to take a big gulp from his straw. But as you can imagine, the result of her getting her hands on his cup results in some very wet clothes! SipSnap was the perfect solution! My daughter now gets to use the cup of her choice while staying dry…happy mom, happy baby!

What started out as a solution for Addison, quickly turned into a need for Jonah! Every time I took a SipSnap out for Addison, my 3 year old son would beg me for one. So now, I always have a variety of them in my bag!


Each pack of SipSnaps come with 3 lids and 1 case. They come in 2 varieties, SipSnap KID and SipSnap TOT. The KID version has a hole for a straw, while the TOT version has a spout at the top. Our current favourite is SipSnap KID. They come in great colours as well! Never having to worry about bringing a sippy cup with me gives me peace of mind. If I’m at the zoo, the mall or a restaurant, I know that the kids will be able to drink out of any cup and stay dry! Not only are these useful on the go, but they are great for at home too. Instead of a drawer filled with a variety of sippy cups that quickly get mismatched, you can make better space of your kitchen storage and use a corner of the space for SipSnaps.


As the label says, they are spill proof, they are not leak proof. I have heard some complaints about this because when the cup falls over on the table, the SipSnap sometimes leaks through the additional hole or around the straw. This is not something that bothers me. What does bother me is when my sippy cup that claims to be leak proof, leaks all over the contents of my bag, or when my daughter drinks out of her sippy cup and at the same time water is leaking all over her clothes from the “leak-proof” seal. SipSnap tells you what they are and what they are not right off the bat and I like that!

I recently brought my SipSnap with me on vacation. What a pleasure!! No matter where I was, there was always a cup to put the SipSnap on…including the beach! Addison loves them just as much as I do!

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Trust me, you need this product! Click on the link to order your SipSnap with coupon code SipSnap15 for 15% off. Offer valid until June 21st.