Addison is one!!! Where did the last year go? As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and I have had a blast with my little lady! When it came time to plan her first birthday, I spent a lot of time thinking about a theme. I have always had a hard time with themes like Minnie Mouse or Princesses for a one year old, so I knew I needed to choose a colour theme. Her baby naming was hot pink, so I decided that this party needed a completely different feel. That’s when I decided that the theme would be gold and glitter! As I started to track down gold glitter party supplies, I came to learn that your golden birthday is when you turn the same age as your birthdate. For example, my golden birthday was when I turned 19 on November 19th. Well this was a different kind of Golden Birthday! This was a Glitter Golden Birthday!

Food is always the center of my parties, so I took on a couple DIY projects to make the table look gold and sparkly!

I used frames throughout the décor for this party. There were frames on the buffet table as well as frames on the table along side her birthday photobook left out for our guests to sign. Each frame had a different feel. I purchased a whole bunch of plain 8×10 white frames.

The first frame I covered in sparkles. For this, I bought Elmer’s Glitter Brillants Gold sparkles at Wal-mart (Click the product name to go to the link). I applied a layer of Podge to the frame and covered it in gold glitter. Once it dried, I applied another layer of Podge on top. Inside this frame, I put a print from PennyJane Designs on Etsy that said Be awesome today.

Be Awesome Today - First Birthday Party

The second frame, also a white frame, I spray painted gold using Design Master Versatile Surface Color in Brilliant Gold which was purchased at Michael’s. Make sure to take the glass out and spray from about a foot away. Let it dry and voila! Inside, was She Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes” printable art purchased on Etsy from dodidoodles. Until June 13th, many of her prints are 70% off!

She leave a little sparkle - First Birthday Party

The third frame I bought had a white mat on the inside. Instead of making the frame gold, I covered the mat in glitter giving the frame a bit of a different look. Inside, The World is Your Oyster, is also from PennyJane Designs.

Gold Happy Birthday Banner


I also purchased TOLSBY frames from Ikea that stand on their own. Following the same steps as the glittered frame, I glittered these frames as well using ArtMinds Extra Fine Glitter that I purchased at Michael’s.


The centerpieces on the table were Mason Jars that I spray painted gold using the same gold spray paint that I used on the frames. To make these, turn the jar upside down and spray from about a foot away covering the whole jar. Let dry and then spray again if needed. Note: Do not spray too much in one area or it will start to drip. Once they were all gold, I filled each jar with white peonies and hydrangeas. I needed about 3 peonies and 1 hydrangea in each jar.

Gold Mason Jars

Each month, I take a photo of Addison in her pink muskoka chair. I love looking at the growth each month so I wanted to share the photos with everyone at the party. I decided to display them on the wall. I printed 12 8×10 photos, 1 for each month, and hung them on a string on the wall using clothes pins. The clothes pins were another DIY.

  1. Spay paint clothes pins gold
  2. Cover one side of the clothes pin with Podge
  3. Cover the Podge side with Art Minds Extra Fine Glitter from Michael’s
  4. Let dry
  5. Cover glitter in Podge

Note: Due to the Podge, the clothes pins may stick together even when dry. If you are packing them up to take them with you (i.e. to a party location) pack them carefully!

DIY Glitter Gold Clothes Pins

12 months photos - First Birthday Party

Since most of the children at the party drink milk, I wanted to display milk in a fun way so I bought Milk Jars at Michaels and gold and white straws at Creative Bags. Then I ordered gold foil stickers from ModParty on Etsy. This shop sells fabulous stuff for a Gold themed party…I had to hold back from ordering everything! But I did order a few more things from this shop for the birthday bash including Glitter 1 Stickers that I put on snack bags and the water jugs.

Milk Jars with Gold labels

I always spend a lot of time thinking about what to send my guests home with. I want them to go home with something that they will use and appreciate instead of something will end up in the garbage in a matter of days or even minutes. Addison LOVES music, I mean what kid doesn’t, but when the music comes on she can’t help but dance! So I took a bunch of her favourite songs and made a CD along wiith a glitter gold CD label for each guest. Each CD was accompanied by a tambourine, a maraca, a small container of playdough and a squeeze pouch. Older kids/siblings went home with a pinwheel as well.

First Birthday LootbagsFirst Birthday loot bags















Now, lets talk about the birthday girl herself! There was no mistaking who the birthday girl was at this party! Thanks to our wonderful friend over at Onesies For Elliott, Addison was dressed perfectly for this affair. Onesies For Elliott just came out with a new outfit that could not have been more perfect. The top is a glitter gold 1 with her name written underneath accompanied by a big pink tutu with an oversized glitter gold bow on the waist. The final touch was the gold bow headband that matched the bow on the skirt. No outfit for Addison is complete without a hair accessory!

Gold First Birthday Outfit

A in her birthday outfit         A in her birthday outfit

















I can’t imagine a more perfect outfit for Addison on this special day. If you have been on the blog before, then you know about our shoe obsession! The outfit was completed with a pair of glitter gold Toms purchased for her as a gift by one of our closest friends before the party.With JStixx as the musical entertainment, this party was a huge success. The birthday girl had a smile on her face the entire time which means so did her mama! Happy birthday sweet girl!!

Click Below to see more photos! Links to the wonderful shops that made this party possible below :)

Click on the shop name to be directed to their page:

Be Awesome Today, LOVE, & The World is Your Oyster prints – Penny Jane Design

She Leaves a Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes print – DodiDoodles 

Milk Bottle Gold Polka Dot Lables and Glitter 1’s – MOD PARTY

Birthday Banner – kai & krew 

Addison’s Outfit – Onesies For Elliott 

Addison’s Shoes - TOMS from Get Outside

Birthday 1 Crown – Kichiqueen

Cake - The Investment Baker

Cake Topper – KeaganGraceDesigns

Best Friends Hairband – Sweet Addiction Boutique

Musical Entertainment - Jstixx

I AM ONE Outfit:

Hairband – Black and White Tribal- Onesies For Elliott

Raglan – Hatcher Press 

                Special Mention: Brickyard Buffalo 

Leggings - NuNuNu

Shoes – Michael Kors Aviator Sandals

Photography – Danielle Perelman Photography