If you have been reading my blog posts, or following me on Instagram, you know that I am interested in fashion for both myself and my kids. I am always on the go and having babies didn’t slow me down a beat! One of the first things I purchased after having my first baby was a nursing cover so that I could nurse anywhere at any time! I bought a cover with a purple design on it because it was the nicest I could find in the moment. The cover got a lot of use until I started forgetting it at home and then I would just throw a blanket or whatever I could find over my shoulder!

When I had Addison, I thought that the best choice for me would be the same type of cover but in black. This way, it would be more discreet since I wear a lot of black as it is! But then, just as I did the first time, I started leaving the cover at home and I found it more of a nuisance than anything else. That is when I was introduced to Udderly Hot Mama! (I love the name!) Udderly Hot Mama makes Stylish, Easy and Discreet nursing and pumping wear. Their nursing shirts make it easy to breastfeed anywhere without exposing your back or tummy! They have a whole nursing clothing line that you must check out! You won’t believe these tops are for nursing! Click to see their clothing line: Udderly Hot Mama

Udderly hot mama

When it comes to nursing, it is important to get the products that make sense for you. When Addison was a newborn, I was comfortable nursing in public but I always felt like I stood our like a sore thumb when I took out my nursing cover that had wire at the top. You would always see a little hand poking through the top almost trying to get out! The cover I had just felt so unnatural to use. Now, at this stage, my daughter is older and nursing her is now quick and easy. With that said, I need something that is easy and convenient since most days, I don’t bring a diaper bag with me, I just throw a diaper and wipes in my purse and off we go. So my nursing wear needs to be simple and fashionable. I tried out the Infinity nursing scarf from Udderly Hot Mama and have absolutely loved it…what’s not to love?! Whether I am nursing in public or not, I wear this infinity scarf most days. When I need it for nursing, it’s right around my neck and when I’m not nursing, it’s a fashionable accessory! It is fashionable, easy to wear and so easy to use. You simply unravel the scarf and pull one arm through. That’s it! This scarf comes in a variety of colours including:





Charcoal Gray


…one for every outfit!









I love this scarf and best of all, instead of putting it away on a high shelf when I am done breastfeeding, I will continue to wear it day in and day out! Make sure you are following @jennagmaternity on instagram for a chance to win an Infinity Nursing Scarf from Udderly Hot Mama!

Check out Udderly Hot Mama to take advantage of the sale they are having on nursing tops!

Happy Nursing!